Had we known the respect she held over the entire island population, we may have been dissuaded from ever even approaching her regarding our venture.  But our naiveté of her position dictated that we forge ahead.

I initially contacted a select group of artists by email to see if there was interest in participating in a calendar project we were producing for Island Art.  It was intended to feature the works of some of St. Martin’s talented art community.  Having spent a little time on internet searches, and reading the volumes of information available about her, I admit to a certain degree of surprise that she was interested.  Having Ruby Bute in our calendar would definitely lend an air of credibility and help insure further commitments from the fence riders.

We made preliminary arrangements via email, and exchanged phone numbers for our pending arrival on the island.  A couple of brief phone conversations from the states left us excited to meet her face to face, but with an image already beginning to form, we knew that this was indeed a special woman, and that we were going to be in for a unique and rewarding experience.

…Upon our arrival we pulled up to the large painted steel gate and honked per the posted sign.  After a few minutes the gate slowly slid open to allow our passing.  Driving on to the yard we see her sitting on the front porch of her home as the gate slides shut behind us.  We were on the “inside” now.  We felt elite, part of a select few, allowed briefly to see behind the curtain.  We approach with nervousness and trepidation wondering how we will be received.

The Boardroom
The Boardroom

We were given a grand tour of the entire home and previewed a wide array of her completed works.  Numerous attempts on my part to direct us towards the purpose of our visit were rebuffed as if a pesky gnat or fruit fly.  We were treated as special quests and her hospitality was humbling.

…At the conclusion of our two-hour “visit”, she announced that she had needed to find out who this man from the states was before she committed to the project.  “Now we can talk business” she declares, “but not today.”  She had another appointment that she had to keep and would have to leave.  We were invited to come back the following day to talk business.

So we learned that this entire meeting had only been held so that she could see if there would be a need at all for a 2nd meeting.  As we drove off the lawn and back to our resort, we were jilted a bit by the lack of progress, but celebrating the fact we had passed muster.  I have not known before or since, an island resident so clearly in command of everything that goes on around her.  Nothing happens without her knowledge and subsequent approval.  To have survived this first test of character was exhilarating and left us in a celebratory mood.  We now knew that with her in the stable, the rest of the calendar would fill quite easily..

Majestic Silk Cotton tree on the grounds of the Gallery.
Majestic Silk Cotton tree on the grounds of the Gallery.

I started the business discussions by pointing to the agreement, and started to briefly discuss the merits of each article in it.  Mind you, this is a very brief legal document; only two pages in length, but nearly one half of its contents are dedicated to the discussion of royalties, the calculation, and the auditing of it.  As I reached Article 3, Royalties, she stopped me in my tracks.  “Why do we need all this?”  “Well” I explained, “I wanted each of the artists to feel I was being transparent and forthright in my dealings.”

“I understand, but I don’t want to have to worry about what this Mr. Vanderpool is doing back in the states” she said.  I was beginning to see the picture she was now painting without benefit of brush or knife.  “Would you rather have a certain quantity of calendars to sell in your own studio” I asked?

“Exactly!”  Now quite clearly pleased that this stranger from the states has finally caught up with her unspoken directive.  Now all that would remain would be to determine a proper quantity for her contribution.  So after a few uneasy moments of pregnant pause, I finally played right in to her hand, “Did you have a number in mind?”

“Well, whatever you think is fair” she coyly responded.  I now quickly make some royalty calculations in my head based upon the projected sales and first run printing.  “How does 100 or 150 units sound?”

“150 is a good number… but I was thinking of a different number.”  I laughed out loud and she too chuckled, both of us realizing we were now entering into the Art of the Dance…

To read the this story in it’s entirety, and to hear other tales of transitions to a slower-paced island life, check out the book “A Beach Less Traveled” by John Berglund.  It’s a great read for a beautiful day on the beach!

Live the Lifestyle,

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Artist Spotlight – Sylvie Charlot

Artists throughout the Caribbean, we have come to learn, come with personalities and characteristics as diverse as the works they produce.  Very early in the foundation of My Island Art, we had the good fortune to meet an artist on St. Martin that absolutely personifies the serene images of island life she paints.  We were soon taken in by her warm and welcoming personality, and quickly a friendship developed.  We are thrilled today to introduce you to St. Martin based artist, Sylvie Charlot.
Sylvie Charlot copy
Born and raised in Pau, France, grew up the daughter of a father who too was an artist.  Her father was an artist, as well as a street performer, dressing as a clown and playing his guitar for the approving crowds.  His influence on her life was profound, and soon she became sensitive to painting too.  At a young age the pleasure of painting eventually became a passion in her as well. 

SC-02 Pinel
                          Islet Pinel


Tragedy unfortunately struck this young girl,  and at the tender age of 15, Sylvie found herself alone as both parents succumbed to prolonged illness.  Her heart was crushed, and as we can all imagine, she felt a need for a change in her scenery.  In 1992 she wished to discover new horizons and decided to set down her suitcases and paint brushes in Saint Martin, F.W.I.  Sylvie shares that she was instantly taken by the beauty of the landscapes, the colors that were before her eyes, the infinite blues of the Caribbean Sea, and the soft, peaceful life of the islands.

Like all of us, life’s events have a way of leaving their marks on our character.  Such is the case with Sylvie as well.  Many of her customers have discovered and appreciate the tender views she has of the beauty of the islands.  Her depictions of its fauna and flora, as well as of the West Indian lifestyle and traditions are soothing reflections of the tropical spirit.  From her paintings swells a love for the island, that was becoming a little more her’s with each subsequent brush stroke.

Vegetable Stand


Sylvie is a self-taught painter whose gentle touch and pleasant smile evoke a softness found in each of her works.  She prefers to work in watercolors, finding that the transparent colors sublimate the charm of the Caribbean landscape, and likes working in acrylic oils as well.  She sets up her booth and daily exhibits her work, at the simple market along the waterfront in Marigot, St. Martin.  Always ready with a smile, and a gentle greeting, Sylvie Charlot is a shear delight to visit with.


We invite you to explore the works and the world of Sylvie Charlot in our Charlot Catalog.  And if you find yourself in the Market in Marigot, stop in and meet the gentle spirt that is, Sylvie Charlot.


Lost in a Lifestyle,

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From the Blogosphere – Week in Review 041313

Slackards!  That’s us, just a bunch of lazy beach bums.  But we’re back again, with a bit of news from the best Caribbean bloggers on the web!  We save you the daily grind, and we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.  Filtering through the many bloggers we follow, here’s some interesting site postings we found through the past week.

rum acc
If you’re a foodie, or a spirit aficionado, you’ll want to check out the newest release from Carlton Grooms of Coastlines & Tanlines.  His newest book Rum & Contemporary Cuisine is now available on iTunes.  It’s a cooking show and a cookbook combined into one, and now available for your iPad.






Our friend Patrick from Uncommon Caribbean introduced us to Sandy Point Beach.  The Bennett brothers are always proud to show off their home island of St. Croix, and their home-town pride comes across loud and clear in this Wallpaper Wednesday special.



Wendy at My Irie Time wrapped up a really great alphabetical survey of all things Caribbean with this final posting in the series, “Z is for Zymurgy”.  We really enjoyed this series.  If you missed it, go to her site and check it out, and follow the Caribbean from A-Z.




And finally, highlighting a Lunch of the Week is this St. John favorite at Skinny Legs!  This Burger of the Day” features smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese and a thick slice of pineapple.  Bon Appetit!


As always, we encourage you to check out our blogging friends.  Follow along with the ones that pique your interest, and soak up a little bit of the island vibe!  And until next time, go get…

Lost in a Lifestyle,

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Celebrating a New Beginning!

Birthdays are man’s way of marking yet another trip around the sun. Some warrant more fanfare than others, some we would truly wish to be forgotten.  And yet there remain those that, on occasion, are to be celebrated in grand style. Such was a recent celebration we attended while visiting the island of St. Martin.

January 13 marked the 70th Birthday of one of the islands most recognized and most widely acclaimed artists, Ruby Bute. Ruby herself intended to mark the occasion with a new look, and a new gallery exhibit entitled “New Beginnings”. To know Ruby is to understand that in her opinion, life does not end at 70, but this will simply be the beginning of a new phase of her life. And she had no plans for entering into it sheepishly!

L-R; Ruby Bute; Bonnie from My Island Art
L-R; Ruby Bute; Bonnie from My Island Art

Ruby prepared for the event by creating a new persona, just as many young ladies do, with a new dress, and new hair design. Gone were Ruby’s telltale dreadlocks, now in favor of a shorter more fashion forward look. A new dress for the evening long celebration was selected, and Ruby was ready for the island to show their affections. And that they did.

Clara Raius
Clara Raius

Ruby’s daughter Jacklyn served as the MC for the evening.  The Festivities started with an opening prayer and challenge by Pastor Hodge, and a recitation by the attendees. Island dancer and choreographer Clara Reyes recited a poem of inspiration and remembrance. Later writer Danielle Jeffrey, a well-known St. Maarten historian, read a bit about the impact Ruby has had on the island, and the role she had played in its history.

We had the privilege of being the invited guests of

The Textile Art line is unveiled!
The Textile Art line is unveiled!

the artist herself, and My Island Art was well represented with a party of six (6) in attendance. I was asked to address the audience and to speak a few words on behalf of the artist. We took the occasion to introduce a new product line featuring the work of the artist Ruby Bute. For this special occasion we introduced a new line of ladies dress scarves, using one of Ruby’s images as the print. You can now find the scarves in our on line gallery here. MyIslandArt

One of Ruby’s former art students, Lucinda Audain, spoke addressing her time as a student learning under the tutelage of Ruby. Lucinda has taken her art in a progressive direction and now specializes in Body Art.

The program concluded with a champagne toast, and the christening of the new exhibit “New Beginnings”, and Ruby ceremoniously opened the gallery doors. The large crowd filled the gallery and took in the seven (7) new works prepared just for the event.

Touring the New Beginings Exhibit
Touring the New Beginnings Exhibit


L-R: JVbytheSea; Jacklyn
L-R: JVbytheSea; Jacklyn





Ruby Hug









Massive Tree at Silk Cotton Grove Gallery  Photo courtesy JGraydon on Instagram
Massive Tree at Silk Cotton Grove Gallery
Photo courtesy JGraydon on Instagram


Government politicos arrived as well to honor the artist, and as the day gave way to a full moon, a band played for the dancing crowd. Ruby herself confessed to dancing until 2:00 AM. I must confess, she lasted long after I did! In Ruby’s mind 70 doesn’t mark the end of an era. Indeed it marks only the beginning of a new phase. And judging by this event, the island is waiting with open arms to celebrate with her.




Live the Life,

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Island Encounters … On St. Thomas

Our sales staff recently concluded a tour of St. Martin and St. Thomas, and are now enjoying the lush interior of Belize.  As first time visitors to St. Thomas, every day brought new and exciting experiences.  Here is a blog written to describe the coolest experience they had during our 11 days in the Islands.  I thought I’d share it and let you read about a truly memorable evening!

My husband and I were filled with anticipation as we parked our rental car,  gathered our bags, and quickly headed towards what has been voted one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, Magens Bay.

Magens Bay Beach from Mountain Top

It was around 4pm, and many of the sun worshipers had already gone home for the day.  We were focused ahead on the amazingly calm turquoise water as we walked to the white sand, but something caught both our attention as we passed by.

An elderly couple, dressed more for church than for the beach, were gently unfolding an elegant burgundy table cloth to cover the weather-worn picnic table.  A wicker picnic basket sat on the bench, waiting to be unpacked.  No children in sight – just the two of them setting a scene that was curious to us. Were they selling something? Were they getting ready for a social gathering and soon be joined by others? Just fleeting thoughts in our heads as we approached the beach.

After a short time of wading out into the pristine sea, we returned to the sand, took a seat on a bench, and marveled together at this natural wonder. God had really outdone himself!

Then we saw him walking towards us, this well dressed gentleman whom we had passed. “My wife sent me to invite you to join us at our table for some wine and cheese” he said, smiling and motioned towards the shaded scene from a classic movie.

“Really?” I responded, surprised by his boldness.  “How can we refuse an offer like that!” came my husband’s response, as we followed him and took a seat on each side of the bench.  He introduced himself and his lovely wife, explaining that they were locals who returned to this same table at 4pm, every Wednesday,

St. Thomas ambassadors and romantic fools!

to enjoy the scenery and celebrate life together.  Cloth napkins and crystal wine glasses were set before us, along with soft Havarti cheese and a bowl of fresh fruit.  I couldn’t help but notice that they just happened to have four glasses.

For over an hour we bonded with our new friends, hearing intriguing stories about their life on the island, and sharing some of our own.  Sometime during that conversation we both realized the gift we were experiencing: genuine hospitality at it’s finest.  We left with full hearts and blissful memories.  Not because of the breathtaking world-renowned beach, but because of two fascinating people who intentionally impacted our lives and left us forever changed.

Magens Bay Sunset

Thanks to T-Lynn for an awesome story.  That my friends, is island living at its best!

Live the Life,

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The Real Blessing of Travel

I have had the good fortune of traveling to a good many cultures and climates in my brief time on this big blue marble.  I’ve seen the Rocky Mountains of the western US, and traveled its beaches from coast to coast.  I’ve tasted beaches and ruins from throughout the Caribbean and the Cote d’Azur, and marveled in the history of some of Europe’s greatest cities.  However, when asked, what is the one thing we love most about our travels, we always come back to the realization that the greatest pleasure in travel is in the friendships we develop along the way.

Such was a chance meeting in our recent travels this past summer.  Little did we know that a photo contest we ran in December would pay such lasting benefits to us.  You may recall our Warm Faces, Warm Places Photo Contest,  that featured a prize of a new jewelry box featuring the winning photo.  The contest ended on December 24, and the winning image

Bridget’s Winning Photo on the Finished Product

was this stunning picture taken of Megans Bay in St. Thomas.  As it turns out the photographer, Bridget Skjordahl, lives on a quiet hillside overlooking this familiar beach.  In fact, Bridget has the terrible misfortune of having to view this beach from her home every day!  As they say, it’s tough work, but someone has to do it.

As we began to plan our June buying/sales trip,  we began to target St. Thomas as a destination for this tour.  It was to be our first trip to the island, but I assure you, it will not be our last.  During the planning stages I reached out to Bridget for advice and insights, and found her to be a wealth of information and a most willing guide.

As we finalized our plans, we agreed to meet up while on island, and upon our arrival, Bridget quickly set about arranging a time to meet for an evening together.  We quickly accepted and were supremely rewarded!  Having people on the “inside” is a huge benefit.  Membership truly does have privileges!

They invited us to an evening out and dinner at Banana Tree Grille, on the grounds of historic Bluebeard’s Castle, and overlooking the beautiful harbor of Charlotte Amalie.

View of Charlotte Amalie from Banana Tree Grille…Seriously Stunning!

Meeting her husband Marty, a pilot for Seaborne Airlines, was a another great pleasure.  Finally I’ve met someone who is as supremely Type A as I.  It’s nice to meet a kindred spirit.  They filled the evening telling us of their move from corporate life in middle America, to true island spirits.  By evening’s end, I was ready to toss my return ticket and start my own House Hunters International.

Large Silver Carnival Inspired Red & Gold Tribal Hoop Earrings

And, as an added bonus, as it turns out, Bridget is an artist in her own right. Bridget produces her own line of handmade custom jewelry, created in the islands.  Please take a moment to check out her Facebook Page at B. Skjordahl Studio Handmade Art Jewelry.

She gave us a couple gifts to remember her by, and we are thrilled to see them as our new island friends.  You can see more of her unique creations in her Etsy store at Paradise Made Jewelry.  Quite aptly named we think, given the stunning beach she overlooks from her island home.

We love the words Bridget uses describe her works and her passion,

Handmade Limited Edition Sterling Silver Sea Shell Pendant Necklace

“I live to experience and share everyday love, joy, and beauty through a multitude of methods and media. Every piece of art you find here is my answer to the call, to express my interpretation of these values, through the lens of the paradise in which I live.

Staying true to expressing my heart is paramount. Each day is a new day, unencumbered by yesterday or tomorrow.”  Now that is the true spirit and appreciation of Paradise!  We envy her for her little corner of Paradise, but most of all we are thankful for her genuine spirit of friendship and open arms.

This, my dear friends, is the true blessing of travel.  The people and the open welcoming hearts we encounter.  As we left our evening together, we couldn’t help but ask, “Could this be our future home?”  Well only time will tell, but it certainly has the gears turning, and we know that wherever we travel next, we can only hope it is a Paradise filled with friends like Bridget and Marty.

Perhaps you will see us again in ‘our’ little corner of Paradise.  Time will tell, but keep the lights on just in case!

Live the Life,

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Artist Spotlight -Micka

One of the highlights of our island travels, is the opportunities we get to meet exciting new artists throughout the Caribbean.  Recently we had the chance to meet Italian born Micka, now painting on the French island of St. Martin.  We asked Micka to share a bit about her past, and of her work.

While living in Rome working as a copywriter in an advertising agency, I was able to show my creativity, but only in an intellectual manner, (how much whiter that new soap was washing, or how much safer that new car was).  Moving to the small Caribbean island of Saint Martin, I felt the need to continue expressing myself, but in a completely different way.

The island’s life charmed me immediately with its small colorful houses; smiling, round people wearing the most courageous matching clothes, tropical stormy skies where black and turquoise are present in the same time, and the light, as pure as a mystic vision.  I soon realized that St. Martin was filling my eyes and nurturing my soul. And ultimately it drew me to painting.

Having never taken a pencil or a brush in my life, I began to draw, reducing all objects to their geometrical, basic shapes.  From there I moved to the representation of reality, as close as possible, but still poetical and imaginary.  My use of colors is natural and brave, having no wishy-washy shades, just full, decisive, and healing.

‘Beached’ by Micka

I began with acrylics, the bravest colors I could find, and for the island’s light, I found sparkle was the only way to get slightly close to it.

‘No Lines’ by Micka

I feel an impression to be guided, like an inner guide telling me what colours to choose, which supports were the best, which technique was the fastest and the most appropriate.  After many years of practice, the aim of my art is now clear: to give people a bit of joy, and some light, to bring back home.  Just few rays of happiness to enlighten their everyday lives.


Take a moment to check out Micka’s works on our Caribbean prints page here.  Caribbean Art by Micka   And thanks Micka, we certainly feel brightened!

Live the Life,

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Not Your Ordinary Day on The Beach!

Several years ago I sat on the beach, minding my own business.  Something I readily admit I rarely do.  Book in my hand, surf at my side, and a perfect front row chair to watch the world pass by in perfect bliss on Orient Beach.

I had drifted off to sleep, letting the surf and sand gravity have its way with me.  I was nudged softly out of my slumber by the timid giggling voices of several young ladies moving about in close proximity to my chair.  I woke from my daydream to see a photographer and his handmaid setting up lights, reflectors, and slave lighting literally 5′ from my chair.

Normally, photographers setting up around me is enough

Miss Caraibes Hibiscus

to make me break out in beads of a cold self-incriminating sweat.  But no, to my satisfaction, I discovered that they were not setting up to photograph moi.  And, to my complete and utter delight, I discovered that I now had the envious spot of front row seat for the annual Miss Caraibes Hibiscus photo shoot!  Guys were starting to line up to take turns at my chaise.

As 20 – 25 bathing suit clad beauties pranced around our umbrella, I glanced aside, through the periphery of my sunglasses, to find my adorable bride, still soundly asleep.  Not wanting to interrupt her of her quiet time, and more importantly not wanting to be caught in the act, I quietly sorted through our belongings looking for my camera.  Danggit!  Back at the room, of all the stupid amateur moves.

Lining up for a turn in the spotlight

So I raced, with all fervor, post haste back to the room, and returning, I found the shoot still well in stride.  I also discovered that nearly every male within the entirety of Orient Baie also had their cameras at the ready and were now squarely blocking the view from my chair:(  I swear, some people really need to take some beach etiquette lessons.  But alas I did get enough of an opportunity, that I could ultimately produce adequate evidence to go with my story of a fantastic Day At The Beach.

The Big Finale

Founded in 1990, this international beauty contest for all Caribbean countries is held annually on St. Martin.  For a list of all the past Title Holders see Complete List.  You can also follow the organization on Facebook at Miss Caraibes Hibiscus.

So take our word of advice, never allow yourself to fall into a deep sleep while dozing in the sands, you just might miss something.  And most importantly, never head to the beach without your camera.  Again, you might miss something!

Live the Life,

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Get to Know -Ruby Bute

One of the things we enjoy most about our work at Island Art and Treasures is in getting to know the many artists that we come in contact with.  Some are up-and-coming young artists, some are aspiring bi-vocational artists, and still others are well-known, more established practitioners.  Today we introduce you to one of the latter in St. Martin resident, Ruby Bute.

I initially contacted Ruby Bute regarding participation in a calendar project we were

Ruby Bute from St. Martin, F.W.I.

producing for Island Art & Treasures.  Having spent time on internet research, and after reading the volumes of information available about her, I admit to a certain degree of trepidation, but I was instantly relieved to find that it was all for naught.  Upon our arrival we pulled up to the large painted steel gate and honked per the posted sign. After a few minutes the gate slowly slid open to allow our passing. Driving on to the yard we see her sitting on the front porch of her home as the gate slides shut behind us. We spent the day getting to know this gem of St. Martin.

Much has been written about Ruby Bute, though certainly none can do justice to her creativeness and beauty.  In addition to her paintings, Ruby exhibits her creative spirit as a writer, a poet, a teacher, and a storyteller.  For over thirty years Ruby has produced paintings that document many of the historical aspects of St. Martin’s life and culture.  Her strong colorful images capture the joyousness of such scenes of island life as Carnival, and Emancipation Day, and all serve testimony to her love and passion for the heart of St. Martin.

Emancipation Day by Ruby Bute

Born in Aruba of St. Martin parents, Ruby has been painting since the age of 6. In the early 70’s, Ruby moved to St. Maarten, her parents’ homeland, and in 1983 she held her first solo exhibition.  In 2005, Bute was decorated by her Majesty, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and is since an honorable Member of the House of Orange-Nassau. Visit her studio and you will see the proclamation and medal proudly displayed.

Exhibitions of Ruby Bute’s paintings are regularly held in St. Martin, in Amsterdam and other cities in Holland, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and Saba.  Her works  are owned  by  collectors in St. Maarten, the Caribbean and the United States.

You will find examples of Ruby’s work available on our site at our Island Art Image Library.  In this short video clip, Ruby tells us about her early childhood memories, and of her love of art.

Ruby Bute, renowned as St. Maarten’s national treasure, also serves as a mentor tutor to many emerging artists.  Ruby still paints daily in her gallery or on the porch of her adjacent home.   When in St. Martin be sure to make the time to visit Ruby at her studio.  She will undoubtedly make sure you feel quite at home, while enjoying the beauty of her art, and sipping her home-made liqueurs.

Live the Life,

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Fletcher Morton -A Pirate Looks At… 10!

Some time ago my son introduced me to a talented young musician he thought I should give a listen to.  Now it’s a fact that he and I don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to our musical tastes, so I proceeded with a little trepidation.  But on this one, he was dead on!

I don’t profess to be a musical expert by any stretch of the imagination, but as a misplaced Beach Bum, I have come to love the sounds of today’s Trop Rockers, and really just about anything with an island vibe.  So when he told me the musician was a 10-year old kid, who played Jimmy Buffet favorites, I thought it was at least worth a listen.  And boy was I glad I did.

The video he forwarded was a short clip of young Fletcher Morton kicking back and playing

Fletcher Morton

a little Jimmy Buffett with a group of musicians in a local guitar shop.  Fletcher is in many ways a typical young boy, but with an atypical talent.  Small in stature, but big in style, this young musician really enjoys playing music, and it shows in each line he sings.

Recently we had the opportunity to see Fletcher play at the Rum Barrel in Key West.  A good sized crowd had gathered for the nightly entertainment, not knowing the special guest musician for the night.  Fletcher wowed the crowd, and as you’ll see, really enjoyed himself in the process.  We had the opportunity to interview Fletcher, and to get his thoughts about music, flying, and life in general.  Here is what he shared with us:

IAT.   When did you first become interested in music? 
FM.  I have always loved music, but I first became interested in playing guitar when I was 7 years old.

IAT.  Do you come from a musical family?
FM.  My mom plays the mandolin, my dad plays brass instruments, and both of my uncles play guitar.

IAT.  Who are some of your favorite artists?
FM.  The Beatles, The Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, B.B. King, Bruce Hornsby, The Allman Brothers, Styx , Bing Crosby, Carlos Santana, Pink Floyd, and Eric Clapton.

IAT.  Tell me a little about your musical training, do you take lessons? 
FM.  I have taken lessons from our friends David Keith and Jim Liberato, and I jam with them whenever I get the chance.

IAT.  Is that a six-string Martin that we see you playing?  Tell us about your first guitar. 
FM.  Yes it is.  A Little Martin LX1E. My very generous Grandpa bought it for me for Christmas a couple years ago. My mom and dad bought me my first guitar which was a six string acoustic made by First Act.

IAT.  What type of music is on your iPod?  Who are your favorites?
FM.  I like classic rock, blues, & tropical rock.  My favorites are Carlos Santana, Jimmy Buffett, Pink Floyd, and B.B. King.

IAT.  What other hobbies or interests do you have outside of music?
FM.  I like flying airplanes, acting and dancing.

IAT.  How does Fletcher Morton like to spend his weekends? 
FM.  I like to spend my weekends playing with my friends, playing with my dog, Sam, going to the beach, taking flight lessons, going to playgrounds and spending time with my mom and dad.

Fletcher playing at The Rum Barrel in Key West

IAT.  Tell us about playing at The Rum Barrel during MOTM.  Did you enjoy that evening?
FM.  It was great! I loved listening to all the other musicians and making the audience happy with my performance.  It was great meeting ya’ll in Key West (too).

IAT.  Do you ever get the chance to play with other musicians?  What other artist would you like to play with? 
FM.  I once had an opening gig for Scott Kirby and played his song ‘It’s All About The Girl’.  I’d like to play with The Eagles and Jimmy Buffett some day.

IAT. Have you ever tried to write your own music?
FM.  I have written my own original song called ‘I Like Earth The Way It Is’.  It’s about a space alien from Venus who comes to Earth to explore our planet.

IAT. I know you have several years to plan, but what would you like to do in the future? 
FM.  I want to be a pilot, an actor and dancer, and a rock star.

IAT. How can people find out where you’re playing? 
FM.  My parents post my gigs on my FaceBook page at FletcherMorton

Listen and enjoy as this short video clip we shot of 10-year old Fletcher as he sings and plays Jimmy Buffet’s “A Pirate Looks at 40″.

Currently Fletcher is taking flying lessons and would some day like to obtain his own Pilot’s License.   He’s sounding more and more like Jimmy every day!  Good Luck Fletcher, we hope to hear more about you in the years to come.

Live the Life,

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