From the Blogosphere – Week in Review 07/17/13

Fresh off a whirlwind six-island tour at the beginning of last month, things are finally starting to settle back into a sense of normalcy.  Yes, we recognize we’ve taken a bit of artistic license with the use of that term!  Nonetheless, we are currently busy working at tweaking a few site issues, chatting with some awesome beach bums through social media, and working to develop some great new products.  And for the next 60 days it’s full speed ahead planning for our maiden voyage to exhibit at Surf Expo.

Today we thought we’d take a step back, and share a few of the postings we found from some of our favorite Island bloggers.

Soggy Dollar Bar
               Soggy Dollar Bar

Bahama Bob Leonard dropped in to tell us about the Beach Bash held to celebrate the 43rd Anniversary Party at the Soggy Dollar bar on Jost Van Dyke.  If you’ve ever stopped in for one of the infamous Painkillers, you’ll want to read the details of this Day on the Beach!

Loblolly Bay, Anegada
              Loblolly Bay, Anegada


From our friends at Rum Therapy, they say it’s really not that easy to get to Anegada in the British Virgin Islands.  But in this great post, they share some of the great beaches that await.  If you love stunning images of beautiful beaches like we do, check out Loblolly Bay, Anegada.

Pssst, you might also want to check out the revamped site over at  Great job guys!
[rule] turtle

Ever wonder what the locals recommend for favorite activities to the friends and family visiting the islands?  Then check out San Pedro Scoop’s Catamaran sailing from Ambergris Caye to Caye Caulker.  One of the better photo essays we’ve seen in a while.

One of the things we really enjoy about island life, is their more direct manner of speech.  No harm and no offense intended, they simply speak more exactly what they mean.  Political correctness takes a back seat.  Found in St. John, is this stunning example of what I mean.  Find out where it’s located in the story from On St. John.


[rule] blanchards-beach-shack-setting-meads-bay-small

Everybody likes free, and this time the opportunity is X2!  Simply sign up for the Anguilla Beach Lovers Newsletter, and you are eligible to win a $200 Blanchards Gift Card.  Run by Bob and Melinda Blanchard, their two popular restaurants, the high-end Blanchard’s Restaurant and the low-key Blanchard’s Beach Shack next door, offer top Anguilla dining experiences.  And if you’re curious about the island transition, check out the story of their move to island life in A Trip To The Beach.


Be sure to check out our Caribbean blogging friends.  These guys truly help to put us in an island state of mind!  And until next time, get…

Lost in a Lifestyle,

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From the Blogosphere – Week in Review 041313

Slackards!  That’s us, just a bunch of lazy beach bums.  But we’re back again, with a bit of news from the best Caribbean bloggers on the web!  We save you the daily grind, and we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.  Filtering through the many bloggers we follow, here’s some interesting site postings we found through the past week.

rum acc
If you’re a foodie, or a spirit aficionado, you’ll want to check out the newest release from Carlton Grooms of Coastlines & Tanlines.  His newest book Rum & Contemporary Cuisine is now available on iTunes.  It’s a cooking show and a cookbook combined into one, and now available for your iPad.






Our friend Patrick from Uncommon Caribbean introduced us to Sandy Point Beach.  The Bennett brothers are always proud to show off their home island of St. Croix, and their home-town pride comes across loud and clear in this Wallpaper Wednesday special.



Wendy at My Irie Time wrapped up a really great alphabetical survey of all things Caribbean with this final posting in the series, “Z is for Zymurgy”.  We really enjoyed this series.  If you missed it, go to her site and check it out, and follow the Caribbean from A-Z.




And finally, highlighting a Lunch of the Week is this St. John favorite at Skinny Legs!  This Burger of the Day” features smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese and a thick slice of pineapple.  Bon Appetit!


As always, we encourage you to check out our blogging friends.  Follow along with the ones that pique your interest, and soak up a little bit of the island vibe!  And until next time, go get…

Lost in a Lifestyle,

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Week in Review – From the Blogosphere #4

Take a moment to check in on some of the best travel writing from the week that was!  And by all means, if you have a favorite blogger you’d like us to feature, be sure to drop us a line!

Shawn Martin of Coastlines & Tan Lines got the weekend started right with their final in a series of posts about St. John.  Read this great wrap up of 7 Days in Paradise!

Bob’s Arrival in Havana

Bahama Bob from the Rum Bar in Key West gives us a great peek behind the veil in his accounting of One Day In Havana.


We love the name of this blog, Sand & Stilettos.  Check out their brief photo essay about Aruba in Aruba: Renaissance Island.

In Key West and looking for something different to do this weekend?  Check out the Team Cocktail event, Conched in Key West.  Proceeds go to help Reef Relief.

From Caribbean Pot, Carrot Pineapple Muffins

And to wrap up this week’s review, we wanted to give you a little something to chew on, Litterally.  Here’s a little something for the sous chef in you.  Try these Carrot Pineapple Muffins from Caribbean Pot.  Yum!




Sit back and relax, and live a little of the Island Lifestyle with these great bloggers.  Cheers!

Live the Life,

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Great Faces, Great Places -Bumpkins Bar and Grill

Approaching from our descent along a rutted and washed out roadbed, our first glimpses of Bumpkins Bar & Grill, a small local bar situated on Pigeon Point Beach, was that of a quiet and lazy Local hangout waiting for the day to awake.

Pigeon Point Beach is a perfectly quiet shore, nestled away from the crowds of the cruise ship taxi stands, and just around the cove from historic Falmouth Harbour.  A bright sun-drenched section of palm-lined sand stretches into the horizon punctuated with panoramic views of Montserrat in the distance.

Pigeon Point Beach, Antigua

The north end of this one particular harbour is anchored by Bumpkins Bar, and a simpler stand there shall never be. Two separate buildings mark it’s limits, surrounded by a dozen or so sea-facing tables. Decked out in a soft lilac and coral palate, the first structure is the bar area, and just a few steps away is the kitchen building serving up traditional Caribbean goodness.

We dined seaside in the open air setting, attended to in impeccable fashion by Marcia. Ever-present, ever-friendly, and a joy to engage. I had the requisite jerk chicken and fries, while my bride had the traditional English fish and chips. Both were excellent beach fare, and the refreshments were generously poured featuring the local English Harbour Rum as the brand of choice.

Bumpkins Bar and Grill

We found Bumpkins amidst off-season, just as the last coats of paint were being applied all across the island, readying for a new season of pink-skinned tourists. Prime time if you ask me. The temperatures are still moderate, as always, and yet the crowds from the north have not yet descended upon her shores.

Should you be fortunate enough to find yourself on the gorgeous island of Antigua looking for a perfect beach, and a perfect bar to pair it with, head on over to Bumpkins Bar and Grill on Pigeon Point Beach. Tell Marcia that you were sent by Island Art & Treasures. The sunshine and friendly
smiles are on the house!

Contact Bumpkins Bar at (268)562-2522 or via email