From the Blogosphere – Week in Review 07/17/13

Fresh off a whirlwind six-island tour at the beginning of last month, things are finally starting to settle back into a sense of normalcy.  Yes, we recognize we’ve taken a bit of artistic license with the use of that term!  Nonetheless, we are currently busy working at tweaking a few site issues, chatting with some awesome beach bums through social media, and working to develop some great new products.  And for the next 60 days it’s full speed ahead planning for our maiden voyage to exhibit at Surf Expo.

Today we thought we’d take a step back, and share a few of the postings we found from some of our favorite Island bloggers.

Soggy Dollar Bar
               Soggy Dollar Bar

Bahama Bob Leonard dropped in to tell us about the Beach Bash held to celebrate the 43rd Anniversary Party at the Soggy Dollar bar on Jost Van Dyke.  If you’ve ever stopped in for one of the infamous Painkillers, you’ll want to read the details of this Day on the Beach!

Loblolly Bay, Anegada
              Loblolly Bay, Anegada


From our friends at Rum Therapy, they say it’s really not that easy to get to Anegada in the British Virgin Islands.  But in this great post, they share some of the great beaches that await.  If you love stunning images of beautiful beaches like we do, check out Loblolly Bay, Anegada.

Pssst, you might also want to check out the revamped site over at  Great job guys!
[rule] turtle

Ever wonder what the locals recommend for favorite activities to the friends and family visiting the islands?  Then check out San Pedro Scoop’s Catamaran sailing from Ambergris Caye to Caye Caulker.  One of the better photo essays we’ve seen in a while.

One of the things we really enjoy about island life, is their more direct manner of speech.  No harm and no offense intended, they simply speak more exactly what they mean.  Political correctness takes a back seat.  Found in St. John, is this stunning example of what I mean.  Find out where it’s located in the story from On St. John.


[rule] blanchards-beach-shack-setting-meads-bay-small

Everybody likes free, and this time the opportunity is X2!  Simply sign up for the Anguilla Beach Lovers Newsletter, and you are eligible to win a $200 Blanchards Gift Card.  Run by Bob and Melinda Blanchard, their two popular restaurants, the high-end Blanchard’s Restaurant and the low-key Blanchard’s Beach Shack next door, offer top Anguilla dining experiences.  And if you’re curious about the island transition, check out the story of their move to island life in A Trip To The Beach.


Be sure to check out our Caribbean blogging friends.  These guys truly help to put us in an island state of mind!  And until next time, get…

Lost in a Lifestyle,

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Week in Review – From the Blogosphere #1

The world wide web has become a virtual hotbed of fantastic travel writing.  And with so much great writing available almost daily, we thought it a good idea to start a new feature.  We’ll try and grab a few snippits of some of our favorites from the week that was and feature them here.  While not totally comprehensive, it shall serve as a brief compilation of our favorite blogs from this past week.

We follow several bloggers who write about their travels and experiences throughout the Caribbean.  Highlights, lowlights, travel recommendations, and a few Dos and Don’ts.  Perhaps you’ll pick up on a few of our favorites and join us as we learn more about the world beyond our shores.  Here are a few highlights from the week that was!

Our friend Ryan at the Caribbean Escape Blog started us off with this little musical interlude.  Island Style By John Cruz with Jack Johnson & Jackson Browne!

Island Style By John Cruz ,Jack Johnson, & Jackson Browne

Wendy over at Irie Time posted a great photo essay featuring her favorite Beach Bars.
Enjoy our Favorite Beach Bars!

My Irie Time!

Patrick Bennett from Uncommon Caribbean wrote a great post about the August Monday celebration in Anguilla.  Makes us ready to pack our bags!

August Monday On Anguilla from Uncommon Caribbean

Many of us will remember the nerves and excitement of our first flight as a moment frozen in time.  Elizabeth Seward details her memories and tells us How Travel Helped Her Grow.

And this beautiful pictorial just in from Jules on the Water featuring the Colors of St. Martin.

Jules on the Water

Live the Life,

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Home Sweet Home, A Creole Heritage

The old adage states “There’s no Place Like Home”.  But for us the adage couldn’t be any further from the truth.  We love to travel, and more specifically traveling throughout the Caribbean, and we love everything that goes with it.  Well I guess not really everything, we’re not that much on flight delays, lost luggage, and crying babies.  But that aside, travels are a compelling part of our annual agenda.

Traveling always sets my mind to wandering.  I wonder who has been here before me, what was life for them like, and how was their day to day existence different from my own.  And so naturally there is something about the old Creole styled Caribbean homes of old that causes my mind to dream about its former inhabitants, and of days gone by.

Marigot, St. Martin

Like all travelers we love meeting all the great people along the way, and the ensuing friendships that develop.  And of course we are fascinated by all the new sites and tastes that make a trip a true vacation.  But as a huge fan of the history of these warring islands, I cannot help but fall in love with the simple old historic Creole homes that dot these islands.


In many parts of the Caribbean, the term Creolean is used to refer to a French-speaking person of primarily European ethnicity born in the Caribbean islands.  The term Creole is sometimes used to describe anyone, regardless of race or ethnicity, who was born and raised in the region.

These Creole floorplans are distinctive in that they tend to be asymmetrical, and they always lack interior hallways.  Windows and doors are placed solely for the needs and convenience of the interior layout, and without regard for the architectural effect on the exterior.

Sadly these old homes are rapidly declining


and finding their way into obscurity.  For us however, we see these and can’t help but think.  “Couldn’t I be happy to live out my days here, with just the sea as my doormat, and the breeze as my companion?”  We have a photo project underway for a client in St. Martin, seeking to document in pictorial record, some of these old relics of the past.  So if you know of one of these old gems, drop us a line at  We’ll hunt it down and try to include it in our record.  So start scouring the hillsides with your eyes off the beaten path.  Maybe we’ll find our new home!

Live the Life,

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