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St. Kitts Heritage -Brimstone Hill

  “Captain, 50 guns approaching at 12 o’clock!” “Man the guns, prepare a warning sounding.  Fire!” Walking around the concourse of the historic Brimstone Hill, I did a quick Princess Bride pirouette as I sliced my imaginary cutlass through the air and shouted the above script to my embarrassed bride, who was now seeking a […]

A Caribbean Bucket List!

To some we have had the good fortune of sampling a good variety of Caribbean Islands.  Still others will say we have but touched the tip of the iceberg.  But after over 30 island landings, we are finding that the more we travel to new and exciting island destinations, the more we feel the strong […]

A Day in St. Kitts, Our Top 5 Stops

The boat has docked, and the backpack is ready for a day ashore.  Now you and your significant other glance at each other, both wishing you had spent a little more time reviewing the possible excursion options.  Hey it’s a cruise vacation, who wants to read pamphlets? Well don’t stress and let it spoil a […]

Caribelle Batik, A St. Kitts Original

Have you ever seen something on television and thought to yourself “I have got to have that”?  And no I’m not referring to Ginsu Knives or ‘The Official Snuggie’.  Well I have, and it eventually led us to a trip on another beautiful Caribbean island. Some time ago, while watching The Travel Channel, I came […]