Not Your Ordinary Day on The Beach!

Several years ago I sat on the beach, minding my own business.  Something I readily admit I rarely do.  Book in my hand, surf at my side, and a perfect front row chair to watch the world pass by in perfect bliss on Orient Beach.

I had drifted off to sleep, letting the surf and sand gravity have its way with me.  I was nudged softly out of my slumber by the timid giggling voices of several young ladies moving about in close proximity to my chair.  I woke from my daydream to see a photographer and his handmaid setting up lights, reflectors, and slave lighting literally 5′ from my chair.

Normally, photographers setting up around me is enough

Miss Caraibes Hibiscus

to make me break out in beads of a cold self-incriminating sweat.  But no, to my satisfaction, I discovered that they were not setting up to photograph moi.  And, to my complete and utter delight, I discovered that I now had the envious spot of front row seat for the annual Miss Caraibes Hibiscus photo shoot!  Guys were starting to line up to take turns at my chaise.

As 20 – 25 bathing suit clad beauties pranced around our umbrella, I glanced aside, through the periphery of my sunglasses, to find my adorable bride, still soundly asleep.  Not wanting to interrupt her of her quiet time, and more importantly not wanting to be caught in the act, I quietly sorted through our belongings looking for my camera.  Danggit!  Back at the room, of all the stupid amateur moves.

Lining up for a turn in the spotlight

So I raced, with all fervor, post haste back to the room, and returning, I found the shoot still well in stride.  I also discovered that nearly every male within the entirety of Orient Baie also had their cameras at the ready and were now squarely blocking the view from my chair:(  I swear, some people really need to take some beach etiquette lessons.  But alas I did get enough of an opportunity, that I could ultimately produce adequate evidence to go with my story of a fantastic Day At The Beach.

The Big Finale

Founded in 1990, this international beauty contest for all Caribbean countries is held annually on St. Martin.  For a list of all the past Title Holders see Complete List.  You can also follow the organization on Facebook at Miss Caraibes Hibiscus.

So take our word of advice, never allow yourself to fall into a deep sleep while dozing in the sands, you just might miss something.  And most importantly, never head to the beach without your camera.  Again, you might miss something!

Live the Life,

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