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One of the highlights of our island travels, is the opportunities we get to meet exciting new artists throughout the Caribbean.  Recently we had the chance to meet Italian born Micka, now painting on the French island of St. Martin.  We asked Micka to share a bit about her past, and of her work.

While living in Rome working as a copywriter in an advertising agency, I was able to show my creativity, but only in an intellectual manner, (how much whiter that new soap was washing, or how much safer that new car was).  Moving to the small Caribbean island of Saint Martin, I felt the need to continue expressing myself, but in a completely different way.

The island’s life charmed me immediately with its small colorful houses; smiling, round people wearing the most courageous matching clothes, tropical stormy skies where black and turquoise are present in the same time, and the light, as pure as a mystic vision.  I soon realized that St. Martin was filling my eyes and nurturing my soul. And ultimately it drew me to painting.

Having never taken a pencil or a brush in my life, I began to draw, reducing all objects to their geometrical, basic shapes.  From there I moved to the representation of reality, as close as possible, but still poetical and imaginary.  My use of colors is natural and brave, having no wishy-washy shades, just full, decisive, and healing.

‘Beached’ by Micka

I began with acrylics, the bravest colors I could find, and for the island’s light, I found sparkle was the only way to get slightly close to it.

‘No Lines’ by Micka

I feel an impression to be guided, like an inner guide telling me what colours to choose, which supports were the best, which technique was the fastest and the most appropriate.  After many years of practice, the aim of my art is now clear: to give people a bit of joy, and some light, to bring back home.  Just few rays of happiness to enlighten their everyday lives.


Take a moment to check out Micka’s works on our Caribbean prints page here.  Caribbean Art by Micka   And thanks Micka, we certainly feel brightened!

Live the Life,

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