Photo Essay -Vintage Antigua

As the cold weather settles in on the Midwest, our minds are focusing on warmer days and places.  This week we found ourselves thinking about our first ever Caribbean excursion, and decided to share a few of our memories.

Turning the mark during Sailing Week 1999.

Today we’re going back to 1999, and Sailing Week as it is celebrated in beautiful Antigua.  These images are from an early film camera so the quality is not what we are all accustomed to now.  But the memories are real.  Here are our highlighted recommendations for any trip to Antigua.

If you like a little history, don’t miss a tour of Betty’s Hope or Nelson’s Dockyard.

Betty's Hope, the former sugar plantation operated from 1651 for almost 300 years.
Historic Nelson's Dockyard

One of our favorite beaches is Half Moon Bay.  Since hurricane Luis destroyed it’s only resort in 1995, the beach is now a quiet getaway.

Half Moon Bay, Antigua

Nature at it very best can be enjoyed at Devil’s Bridge and Hawksbill Beach.

Devil's Bridge
Hawksbill Beach

Don’t miss a trip to Shirley Heights for the Sunday night Jump Up.  Great Food, Great Music, Great Views!

English Harbour from Shirley Heights

There you have it.  A quick glimpse down memory Lane with us, and a lesson to you in what should make up the To Do List for any Antigua vacation.  Let us know your thoughts.  What would you add to this list?

Live the Life,

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