Warm Faces, Warm Places Contest

I suppose it should come as no surprise that we love beaches, and we love seeing photographs of beautiful warm places.  It helps us to dream a bit, and we love to plan for future trips.  As the weather in our home port turns colder, we’re ready for a little something to help warm our frosty little flip flop toes.  So, we’re kicking off a fun WARM FACES, WARM PLACES contest to reward all our great fans for following along with our island escapades.

Starting today, we’re asking you to send us your best island or beach scene photographs.  The rules are simple, send us your best photograph via FB post, tweet, or email, shoot you can even send it via carrier pigeon if you want.  Just get it here by the end of the day Thursday December 15.   And please, it must be your own photographic work.  We’re trusting you on this one!   We will then pick our 5 favorite pictures and post them on our FB page & our blog.  The winner will be chosen by fan voting of the top 5 images submitted! The image that earns the most likes and comments will win a custom Island Art Jewelry Box featuring their winning photograph!!!

Tile Jewelry Box Featuring Shoal Baie, Anguilla

So, here’s everything you need to know!

1.  Send your favorite, best, most memorable beach picture you have to us by,

  • Facebook – post your picture to our Facebook page
  • Twitter – Tweet your beach scenes to @MyIslandArtJeff
  • Email your pic to info@myislandart.com

2.  Then check our Facebook page & blog on Dec. 16th to see if your picture made the finals.

3.  If your picture made the top 5, send all your family and friends to our Facebook page to like or comment on your picture to gain votes.

4.  Lastly, check our Facebook page and our blog on December 24th to see if you won!!

The Winner will receive a custom Island Art Jewelry Box valued at over $75!!

So start digging through your pictures, or get the camera out and get busy.  Send in those pictures of your favorite Warm Faces and Warm Places.   We can’t wait to see all the beautiful places you’ve been.

Good luck and think warm!!

Live the Life,

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