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St. John is a unique Caribbean experience.   Given that 2/3 of this Caribbean island is reserved as a National Park, there is no other island we have found quite like it.  No mega-development here.  No concrete high-rise timeshares, no fast-food, no traffic snarls.  Nothing but pure, unadulterated natural beauty.  And if you can get there, Little Lameshure Bay is a noteworthy stop on your visit to St. John.

Recently we headed out from Cruz Bay, determined to find all of the must-see destinations on this beautiful island. We had hit the bus stop destinations of Trunk Bay,  Cinnamon Bay, and Waterlemon Bay in our clockwise circumnavigation of the island.  But in the end, we sought to find something a little more obscure.

Coral Bay on St. John's East End
Coral Bay on St. John’s East End

Meandering towards the east end of the island, we eventually turn Southeast, working towards our destination of Lameshure Bay.  Our unfailing guide source told us this would be a great spot, but difficult to get to.  The narrative was fine, as far as it went, but it fell far short of giving fair indication of the conditions ahead.  Let me just put our own little emphatic spin on this.  Do not attempt this route if you are not in a four-wheel-drive, and if you do not have rugged, battle tested kidneys.

Image Credit www.seestjohn.com
Image Credit www.seestjohn.com










These little fellows are about the smoothest thing you will find along the trail!

Donkeys along the Trail  -credit Google Earth
Donkeys along the Trail -credit Google Earth

The setting is rather quiet and nondescript, though there were a few sun dappled picnic tables.  The appeal lies in its peaceful solitude.  We spent a couple hours on this quiet hideaway and we’re the only living creatures insight. If you’re looking for a quiet romantic hideaway, consider this as My Island tested, My Island approved.

Little Lameshure Bay Beach, St. John
Little Lameshure Bay Beach, St. John

So if you find yourself in the mood for a little solitude on St. John, grab your partner, pack a couple beach towels and nice picnic lunch, and wind your way around to Little Lameshure Bay Beach.  Drop us a comment, and let us know your favorite Blue Lagoon.  We’ll add it to our growing Beach Bucket List!

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