March Madness Giveaway

The calendar has turned, and one of the mildest winters on record is drawing to a close in the Midwest. And with that comes one of our favorite times of the year, March Madness!  We confess that really do give the remote a workout this time of the year, and we’ll even proudly state that the cover to the right was a really special issue for us.

Well as the madness is about to kick off, we’re feeling a little Madness ourselves. So with that, we’re kicking off our biggest giveaway yet.  Our Win It All Back giveaway.

From now until the end of March, every retail sales order received will be entered into our latest random drawing. On April 1 we’ll place all entries into the magic, Island Art Bowl of Awesomeness. One order will be drawn completely at random, and the charges of their entire order will be refunded, up to a $100 value.

Waiting For The Race -Antoine Chapon

So if you’ve been eying a certain original, a print, giclee, or maybe you’re ready to get a big jump on your Christmas shipping! Whatever the case, start perusing the site now and fill up that shopping cart. Custom orders are also in the game.  It doesn’t matter what your choice, every order qualifies.

Simply make your qualifying purchase before midnight March 31 and you could have your entire order for free.  If your order exceeds $100, we will credit you back the maximum amount.  That’s $100 back in your pocket, and who couldn’t use that.  Let the Madness begin, someone is gonna Win It All Back!

Winner will be announced on our Facebook Page April 1, and this is no April Fools joke.  You could win, so start shopping!

Live the Life,

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