Not Your Ordinary Day on The Beach!

Several years ago I sat on the beach, minding my own business.  Something I readily admit I rarely do.  Book in my hand, surf at my side, and a perfect front row chair to watch the world pass by in perfect bliss on Orient Beach. I had drifted off to sleep, letting the surf and […]

A New Perspective on a St. Maarten Legend

Recently we published a story on artist and dear friend Ruby Bute.  This legend of the islands is so full of character, that it truly cannot be told in a single writing.  As a writer, poet, artist, and storyteller, to write the complete and authoritative biography of Ruby would be a daunting task. Our story […]

Packing Tip #1, Don’t -Buy Local Instead

We’re really not the sophisticated expert packing kind.  None of those fancy folding devices for us.  In actuality we’re more about stuffing it all in, and then getting on with the exploring part of our trips.  But we have done two weeks in France and Italy with just carry on, so perhaps we have a […]

Petanque, The Perfect Beach Sport

Recently, while on the island of Antigua we were joined for the day by friends who had recently set anchor in the bay with their well-traveled sailing yacht.  Sitting on beautiful Pigeon Beach, we felt a passing urge to be somewhat more active, but only slightly more so.  Stuart asked if I wanted to play a […]

Photo Essay -St. Martin

For the last 13 years we have come to discover, nay fall in love with, a variety of the beautiful islands of the Caribbean.  Some offer a wealth of pristine beaches, others feature more dining and casino options, and yet all seem to have a wealth of abundant sunshine and tropical weather.  But, some things […]

Home Sweet Home, A Creole Heritage

The old adage states “There’s no Place Like Home”.  But for us the adage couldn’t be any further from the truth.  We love to travel, and more specifically traveling throughout the Caribbean, and we love everything that goes with it.  Well I guess not really everything, we’re not that much on flight delays, lost luggage, […]

A Day in St. Kitts, Our Top 5 Stops

The boat has docked, and the backpack is ready for a day ashore.  Now you and your significant other glance at each other, both wishing you had spent a little more time reviewing the possible excursion options.  Hey it’s a cruise vacation, who wants to read pamphlets? Well don’t stress and let it spoil a […]

A Caribbean Gem -Tijon Parfumerie

Nearly all Caribbean vacations feature stops at pristine beaches, lounging  beside the crystal clear waters.  The more adventuresome may take in a little hiking or climbing, perhaps a bareback ride along the water’s edge, and admittedly many come solely for the crazy rum concoctions du jour.  But if you want a truly unusual Caribbean experience, […]

A Super Giveaway!

Finally, we have the first, albeit very slim, signs of winter in the midwest. This morning we awoke to a whopping 47 snowflakes on our front lawn.  But hey it’s something, and since we’re really not fans of the white stuff, it’s quite alright with me. Feeling a little giddy from the new surroundings, and […]