A New Way To Travel

I have come to discover that there exists two rather distinct classes of people. The “Haves”, and the “Have Nots”. There are those who fly by the seat of their pants, who sort of go through life in a constant laissez faire state of mind, we’ll call them the “Haves”. And then there are those who obsess over every minute detail, creating a paul that hovers over them like Pig Pen’s ever-present cloud. We’ll call them the “Have Nots”. I confess, rather unwittingly, to being the latter.


To me, deadlines are a mandate. Meeting schedules, work appointments, even social events, have a stated commencement date and time. A time that is not as much a time for targeting arrival, but rather a time wherein you should abjectly have been in your appointed position, 30 minutes prior to said commencement. This is not the time set for establishing an on-time arrival, but more so the beginning of the period establishing tardiness.

As an example then, workers starting their day at 8AM, should be in their ready position by, say 7:30. Making adequate provisions for traffic, the unplanned flat, or the long line at the coffee shop. Mind you, this is my take. The position of the Have Nots. Many others out there, the Haves, find that walking through the door at 8, constitutes an on time arrival. Somehow there is no consideration of the time required to get to their desk, drop off the jacket, say hello to Jane at the next cube, etc., etc., etc.

But I admit there exists this other side to the coin, and as I have observed them, I find that these are the travelers I envy. The Haves saunter to the ticketing kiosk to obtain their boarding pass, completely at ease, seemingly unaware they have only minutes to spare. They don’t own a watch, and wouldn’t understand it’s purpose anyway. The Have Nots rush to be the first to board, pacing as other zones ahead of them get the nod to proceed. The Haves instead head off for coffee as Final Boarding call is announced. They live a life free of stress, totally enjoying each breath and the life it brings them. They are my example I desire to be.Departure Lounge

A recent trip to the Caribbean had gone on unscheduled for far too long. Uncertainty on several fronts left us waiting far too long to pull the travel trigger. Tickets that were normally booked many months in advance, were eventually purchased well under the advantageous 21-day window. While it did have a noticeable impact on the wallet, I survived nonetheless.

But never has there been a Have Not traveler, less prepared for the actual day of departure. My bags were packed in less than 30 minutes of elapsed time, and not until approaching midnight of the night before. Parts of which were not actually completed until shortly before heading to the airport. Products we were to take along to an awaiting client were not assembled until the morning of departure, and one connecting flight was even booked while sitting in the Departure Lounge of our initial flight.

I have learned that deep cleansing breaths help, and calling on the name of a higher power can have a calming effect too! This Have Not is seeing the value of a life less fettered. Soaring at 30,000 feet, and winding my way toward a tropical destination, I found myself wondering. Can a Have Not actually become converted?

I am making it my objective to travel this trip as a Have! To roll with the flow, to bob and weave with the trade winds of non-conformity. Waking at the break of noon, showing up for breakfast as they are beginning to shut off service, and to to consider dinner options only as I am driving Restaurant Row. Is it possible? Can a Have Not change his stripes. I am unsure at this writing. But I declare a desire to learn how the other half lives. So tell us, how do you roll, are you a Have, or a Have Not?  As for me… Serenity now!

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