Our Grand Entrance

Hello Travel Junkies!

We’re excited today to launch the very first edition of the Island Art blog.  Thanks for taking the time to make the inaugural step with us.

A proper introduction of who we are is probably in order.  First and foremost we are just a couple of mid-western souls in search of a salty piece of land.

They say the human body is 60% water.  If that’s true, then I think that in my case it must be saltwater.  From a very early age I was exposed to the beaches of California and Florida, and I was hooked.  Since that day, I have been drawn to the salty shores of the Caribbean islands.  Just another chorus from a favorite Chesney song, “He’s an Island Boy…”

Just an Island Boy

I started Island Art & Treasures in 2007 as a way to share our love of Caribbean art and it’s artists, and to expose their works to a larger audience.  And hey, who doesn’t like business trips that involve lazy days spent on sunny beaches on exotic locations.

Over the years I have traveled to numerous countries and to countless states across the United States.  But nothing scratches my nomadic itch quite like time spent in the islands.   I love all things Caribbean, and everything that these islands have to offer.

Island Art & Treasures gives me the opportunity to travel, exposing myself to more of the characteristics and distinct personalities of each island.  Along the way, there are numerous stories, experiences, and characters that we meet.  This blog will be an occasion to share some of our travels and experiences as we seek to Live the Life With our Toes in the Sand!


While reading our blog please remember a couple of things:
1.  We write from our perspective. We hope you enjoy what we have to say, but remember that these are our experiences alone. Not everyone may have the same thoughts or experiences with the same locations. And that’s okay.
2.  Grab a map or pop open GoogleEarth if you’re unfamiliar with the location discussed. It helps to drop in a proverbial pushpin and know where we are.
3.  If you get really bored, drop in on our retail site MyIslandArt.com and do a little shopping! Our Island-Themed gifts are the perfect seasoning for your life.
4.  Check back often for all or newest items and blog ramblings.

We hope to see you soon, Down Island Way!
Island Art & Treasures

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