2013 Photo Contest Winners

The votes are cast, and the ballots have been counted, in the 2013 Warm Faces, Warm Places Photo Contest!

What was a close contest for a number of days, turned into a landslide win, and an unforeseen display of sportsmanship.  For a good part of the contest, two entries went head to head as voters weighed in on one of two images leading the pack.  We then received word from Sandra Nall that she was going to be taking her focus off the contest, and would be unable to continue recruiting votes.

Sandra learned that her husband had a serious health concern that would require her immediate attention.  We can all understand that her focus and her priorities surely should have been on her loved one.

When her closest competitor, Andrea Gerhoff, learned of Sandra’s concerns, she immediately sent a message to us through our Facebook page, making a very unusual request.

Andrea, by now leading and with a comfortable margin, asked that we take all her votes, and re-assign them to Sandra, thereby forfeiting the win.  Andrea reasoned “This contest is just for fun, and I would really like to know that someone going through a rough time could benefit from it, as maybe it would help cheer her up in this time of need.”

We couldn’t agree more Andrea!  Our fans truly are the best! Thank you Andrea for your genuine spirit of kindness. For our part, My Island Art will be awarding prizes to both ladies. If you haven’t already done so, please drop a line here or on our Facebook Page to let Andrea know how much we appreciate her kindness, and be sure to lift up Sandra and her family in prayers. I know they are appreciated.

Here are the winning images:

Image No. 1, Andrea Gerhoff, Islamorado, Florida Keys
Image No. 1, Andrea Gerhoff, Islamorado, Florida Keys
Image No. 5, Sandra Nall, Fanning Island
Image No. 5, Sandra Nall, Fanning Island

Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks to Andrea for the true spirit of friendly competition!  Keep watching our blog and our facebook page for more contests in the future

Live the Life,

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