Colorful and whimsical, you’ll love these beautiful images by St. Martin artist Dona Bryhiel.  Original in acrylic.  Each print is signed & numbered.
Image Size 25 x 33 cm

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Dona Bryhiel was born in the beautiful city of Marseille, France, but at seven years old, a tragic accident resulted in Dona’s admission to a boarding school to receive the proper care and attention the young child deserved.  At 12 years old, Sister Georgette began teaching her to draw and paint.  A genuine talent was discovered, and a little girl was rescued.

After graduating with degrees in literature & philosophy from University Aix-Marseille, France, she obtained a France Art degree from Luminy Faculty, Marseille, France.  In 1995 she opened her current studio/gallery on the Caribbean Island of St. Martin

Dona has developed a unique style of painting, influenced by her French background, and by her early life in the South of France. Currently her work focuses on the Caribbean, and particularly the roles of women, their beauty, their exotic flair, and their role in daily life.  Her work features many themes from around the island often incorporating the female form in sometimes not immediately discernible ways.

Today, she enjoys the reputation of a well-known artist of the modern figurative style.  As the Recipient of numerous awards, Dona has gained significant notoriety from the art press, and general media alike, exhibiting at locations throughout North America and Europe.

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